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A huge thank you to artists, organizations, and volunteers who have helped create and distribute the Creative Response Kits! Over 12 weeks, you helped us distribute 14,000 free art activity kits. On June 24th, we completed our final distribution.

Though Creative Response Kit distribution has completed, you can expect to see programs in a similar format from Antenna in the future. Check back soon for an update on the downloadable kit archive.

In New Orleans, sharing moments of joy during difficult times is a key part of our culture. In partnership with family nutrition programs at various New Orleans public schools,Creative Response is offering free stay-at-home activity kits during lunch distribution each Wednesday to support the creative life of New Orleans Families during this challenging moment. Printed at Antenna’s Paper Machine, the kits contain artist designed activities and coloring pages, educational worksheets, sketchbooks, stickers and art supplies.

Email if you would like to assist in distributing or have a site where you would like Creative Response Kits like to Pop Up.


Each week, we will try to rotate to different sites around the city.

5/20, 6/3, 6/17: 

  • Homer Plessy
  • Foundation Prep
  • IDEA Oscar Dunn 
  • Firstline Wheatley
  • Lycée Français
  • Paul Habans

5/13, 5/27, 6/10, 6/24:

  • Hynes
  • Martin Luther King ES
  • Livingston
  •  Mildred Osborne 
  • Sarah T. Reed HS
  •  Esperanza 
  • Akili Academy 
  • Harriet Tubman 

Creative Response Kit Digital Archive:

Here, you can download and print activities from New Orleans Creative Response or download a blank template to design your own activity book!

Want to design your own pages for our Creative Response Kits?
You can provide an activity to be added to the group book, postcards, sticker sheets, or posters. All of the potential activities need to be designed so that we can maximize print efficiency, so please check out the sizes below for details.

Here’s the kind of content we’re collecting:
-B&W line drawing Illustrations for coloring pages
-instructions for activities at home or on a walk (think -scavenger hunts, I Spy, etc)
-A ‘board’ game (we can have game pieces digitally cut out!)
-writing prompts that can work for k-8
-Anything with printable templates that can work within the sizes outlined below.
-Full color illustrations for sticker sheets

Activity books- 4.5”x6” (vertical) of spread of 2 pages 9″x6″ (horizontal) ,  B&W.
Postcards- 4”x6” (horizontal or vertical), can be full color and two sided.
Poster Activity- 12″x18″ will be folded in both directions, to 9″x6″, can be full color and two sided.
Sticker Sheets- 5”x7” (horizontal or vertical), can be full color. 
Download and print templates here to help you design.

You Will Need:
A Printer to print the template (or a ruler and blank paper!) and a scanner to scan your design.
OR: Graphic Design Software to create a design on the computer.

If you are a professional designer with InDesign, you can also use this blank book template here to lay out a whole book.

Anyone can volunteer to share a design for fun! If you are a professional artist currently out of work, we are also offering paid commissions to artists to create coloring pages, activities and sticker sheets. Email if you would like to be considered.

More Downloadable Activities from our Partners and Community:

Lead Organizations

Funding Partners of Creative Response Collaborative Fund

Creative Response Working Group Coordinators and Network Members